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friends-for-africaHumans in Africa need increasingly our assistance

In many African countries a terrible development is under way. The large inability of many African governments intensifies the personal emergency of humans dramatically.

By strongly risen demand at the world market for basic foods like rice and grain the prices explode and basic food becomes rare in a lot of African countries.

The efficiency of the agriculture has for a long time substantially been neglected or weakened by despotic government regulations. The worst example is the reign of terror by dictator Mugabe in Zimbabwe, who by his policy nearly completely destroyed the agricultural solid bases of the former "granary" of Southern Africa.

Guinea is also since 2006 in a continuous crisis with very high inflation and soaring food prices. I experienced it myself in February 2007 when unrests and strikes were addressed by the government proclaiming the military state of emergency.

The demonstrations were answered by the government of Guinea with military force. The official number of killed people was 137. But it is believed the real figure is much bigger.

friends-for-africaIt lead to a complete reorganization of the cabinet under the new Prime Minister Lansana Kouyaté. But in 2007 and 2008 he remained unsuccessful. People saw no progress and so he was replaced in May 2008 by A.T. Souaré.

After his appointment, the soldiers were rebelling in several barracks in Conakry and in provincial towns until the government fulfilled their demands.

Policemen and custom officers also started a strike in the middle of June. In an armed conflict between army and police, again a lot of people were injured and 35 people were killed.

A general strike of the teachers fighting for a better wages and paid on-time also hit our school which closed 2 weeks. But because we pay our teachers regularly and reasonably, there were no further problems.

friends-for-africaDespite the continuous crisis we must advance our projects further. For that we need the support of numerous new members and school godfathers. In times of emergency it is especially importantly to seek for better chances for children in future.

From our view, assistance for self-assistance is the requirement of the hour and must begin by the children. Only educated and enlightened humans are able of a critical examination of the political situation of Guinea. Democracy is the only way to solve the problems in future.

Please help us to improve continuously the quality of life and the future of children in Africa.

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